The following redesigns are conceptual improvements to the air ticket buyers experience. In particular the users last steps before completing the purchase.
With the goal to achieve a better conversion rate for customers.
Workflow & Tools:
Screen manipulation with Adobe Photoshop
CSS & HTML changes with Chrome Developer Tools
Users click on the reservation button, without checking the terms and conditions checkbox first.
Which leads to frustration and a loss of ticket sales.

Visual replacement of the reservation button inside the Terms and condition box, making it a visually combined element.

Additional Solution: 
The reservation button could be deactivated until the checkbox is checked.
Additionally a javascript code snippet could warn the user that the terms and conditions are not checked. Preventing the unnecessary loading process.
Repositioning of the Newsletter signup checkbox
Users might confuse the newsletter sing-up checkbox with the terms and conditions checkbox.

Placement of the newsletter signup checkbox further above to the section with the "receive sms for flight updates" checkbox.
Replacement of the back Button with a go back Link
The "back button" is to large and might guide the users to navigate back instead of continuing forward to the next step.

Change the back button into a less visually strong element such text link.
Replacement of the Newsletter signup Button with a singup Link
During the booking process the content of the page contains less elements, making the page shorter and revealing the footer of the page (above the fold).
This brings the newsletter signup button very close to the next button.
Having two buttons in close proximity to one another might confuse the user. 
Because it is not clear which button has to be clicked in order to proceed to the next step.

Change the "Subscribe" button into a less visually strong but still functional link.
Replacement of the discount voucher evaluation Button with a Link
During the payment process the user is shown a input field and submit button to enter a discount voucher. Having a button competing with the following buttons might be confusing to some users. 

Change the discount voucher button into a less visually strong link.
Better Solution: (but technically more challenging), 
Fully remove button next to input field. 
Have the backend validate the users input asynchronous in the background after the last digit is entered.
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