Workflow & Tools:
Part of the frontend development team
Screen manipulation with Adobe Photoshop
CSS & HTML changes with Chrome Developer Tools

User actions tracking with 
Trigger Actions to be triggered with Javascript

The challenge:
Help call center agents detect fraudulent flight bookers by offering a integrated solution which shows the IPs geo location. 
Call agents using the admin interface for flight bookings, needed to cross check reservation data. (Name, Address, Visa, and the IP Adress geo location) in order to prevent fraudsters form booking flights. Every information is embedded into the system except the geo location.

The agents copy and paste the IP Adresse manually into IP Lookup webpages.

The problem:
The process is slow (about 2 minutes) and takes the user out of the checking flow.
Select the IP > Copy it to the clip board > Open a new window or tab > Paste the IP in the correct fields > wait for the result (Average 1,3 minutes) 
Final result needed by the call center agents 
A solution would be to add a javascript trigger to the links of the ip search services with the specific ip address added as a variable to the url string. 
Links with enhanced Javascript functionality can be seen in blue
Embedded tracking code to count clicks
Individual links selected with javascript
Needed for anonymous user data unrelated tracking of link usage.
The anonymous logged results show a successful usage by the call agents  
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